Did Simon Saran Try to Have Sex With Farrah Abraham on Camera?
Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran on TMOG Finale
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Teen Mom

Did Simon Saran Try to Have Sex With Farrah Abraham on Camera?


We suffered a major “OUR EYES” moment while watching the Teen Mom OG finale, and it was all thanks to  — you guessed it — Farrah Abraham. This girl and her boyfriend, Simon Saran, made viewers gasp, side-eye, and douse their eyeballs with water as they were seen driving in Farrah's car. Pretty innocent stuff, until we realized what Simon was doing with his hands. Let's set the scene...


Farrah and Simon are cruising around Austin, Texas looking fabulous per usual. Farrah muses, “Babe, you're so quiet, what are you thinking about?” Simon says nothing as his hand drifts over to Farrah's lap (thankfully, the cameras cut them off at the waist or we'd all be in intensive therapy right now). Farrah then laughs saying, “Let's not show everyone my undies” while her man grins, saying, “They can't see,” and then eyeballs her lap.


What. Is. Happening?!


Clearly Farrah and Simon had a moment while wandering around Austin, but the scene raises one major red flag: is Simon only interested in Farrah for sex?


This dude seemed less than enthused about interacting with his girlfriend's family, and shut down completely when she tried to ask about their future. There's no doubt that Farrah's irresistible, but let's hope Simon's in it for everything she brings to the table — including her lovable daughter, Sophia!


Source: MTV