Did Stevie J. Flaunt Pricey Items He Stole on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?
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Did Stevie J. Flaunt Pricey Items He Stole on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J. makes it a point to let us know that he loves the finer things in life. On Season 3, Episode 3, “The Results Are In,” we caught a glimpse Stevie’s extravagant tastes when he and wife Joseline Hernandez unpacked some of his Versaci dishware into their new “castle” mansion. Many were taken aback by the fancy plates, including former reality star Anna Benson who claims Stevie stole those plates from her!

Anna, who once starred on the short-lived reality show, Baseball Wives, took to Twitter on May 13 to tell fans — and Stevie J. — that the plates and most of the furniture that Stevie J. is unpacking in his home belonged to her!

@hitmansteviej those Versace dishes are mine and so is the crystal and other things in your house. With 'friends' like you who needs enemies,” she started, adding “how could you? How could you take my tv and China and couch and kitchen table while I was in JAIL! Wow. That hurts.”

Anna was arrested in 2013 for allegedly assaulting her (at the time) estranged husband, baseball player Kris Benson. Anna says is it was then, she asked her friend Stevie J. to put all her things in storage until further notice. However, after watching Monday night’s episode, Anna realized that Stevie was storing her items in his house.

Did Stevie J. Flaunt Pricey Items He Stole on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?
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“He raided my apartment while I was in jail and took whatever he wanted including 100k worth of my china. #fakeasspimp,” Anna tweeted. “ I have known Stevie for over six years and he used to live with my family. I can't believe this I am beyond hurt.”

Anna went on to say that she can prove the belongings she thought were in storage all this time are hers with pictures and receipts, but she’ll give Stevie the benefit of the doubt and expects him to return her items.

Stevie has yet to reply to Anna publicly, but this definitely doesn’t look good — especially since it looks like next week’s episode is going to further expose Stevie’s grand lifestyle as nothing more than an illusion…

What do you think of Anna Benson’s claims that Stevie J. is using furniture that belongs to her to furnish his home? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Source: Anna Benson on Twitter

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