Stevie J. Splits With Joseline Hernandez, Claims She Cheated With “Over 30 Dudes”
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Stevie J. Splits With Joseline Hernandez, Claims She Cheated With “Over 30 Dudes”

UPDATE 2: Joseline confirmed her Twitter was hacked, and Stevie's "30 dudes" tweet has been deleted. Joseline reloaded her Instagram on July 4 and posted some videos on the subject of hacking and haters.

UPDATE: Yep, Stevie J. told TMZ it's over, because Joseline supposedly hooked up with several rappers. On July 3, Stevie told TMZ that he found out two days beforehand that Joseline had been cheating, and he had enough overwhelming proof to dump her. Hence all the anger and trust tweets.

Speaking of angry tweets, on July 4, Stevie added, "Took her from the strip club & off her back & she sleeps on me with over 30 dudes even gay men. #staytuned." Um, wow. TMZ reached out to Joseline but got no word back, but she's been tweeting some really interesting things herself... about Nelly and Drake, among others. Was she hacked?

Original story:

Guys, there seems to be trouble in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta paradise for stars Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez. It looks like reliving Stevie’s scandalous past with Benzino’s fiancée, Althea Heart, has put a damper on their relationship and Stevie and Joseline may have called it quits!

Honestly, we hope it isn’t so — after all, what is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta without Steebie and Joseline to add their spice to the drama? However, judging by Stevie J.’s recent tweets, these two aren’t in a good place.

When a fan spoke to Stevie about his “Puerto Rican princess” on Twitter recently, the record producer responded, “I don't have one of those.” Uh, what?! But it gets worse —or better, depending on how you look at it. Stevie also tweeted that one of his worst habits was “loving those that hurt” him and his regret in life was “trusting a woman. #NeverAgain.”

This definitely doesn’t sound too good — especially since his best friend Benzino recently took to social media to expose Joseline as a cheater. Of course, we thought it might have been a slight, in light of Benzino’s growing beef with Joseline over his fianceé, Althea Heart, but now we’re getting worried. Benzino’s Twitter and Instagram are full of words of love and support for Stevie during what is surely a difficult time for him.

Zino first posted a pic on Instagram that reads, “My Brother’s Keeper,” with the caption, “I am…,” along with a re-post of Stevie’s IG pic of a lone bird soaring through the air. In addition, Benzino posted a photo of himself driving with Stevie, then posted a collage of famous TV/movie best friends with the caption, “#orighinalvh1boyz #lhhatl @vh1 #brosbeforeAhoe.

Stevie continued to remain pretty mum about the situation, but tweeted “Stay tuned,” which was later followed by, “All ni**s ask for is loyalty & a lil lettuce!”

And when you add the fact that it appears that Joseline and Stevie have been partying separately lately… it appears we’re in for a major blow.

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Source: Stevie J. on Twitter, Benzino on Instagram