Did Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert Resolve Their Issues? Syleena Says…
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Did Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert Resolve Their Issues? Syleena Says…

Trouble between R&B Divas Atlanta singers Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert began brewing on camera toward the end of Season 1 and continued for much of Season 2. That season ended with an explosive fight between the two ladies at KeKe Wyatt’s birthday dinner, and rolled right on over to the reunion special. But now that Nicci and Syleena are no longer sharing a camera with each other (what with Nicci no longer being on the show), fans are wondering how things stand between the two divas.

“We have resolved that we will never talk to each other again,” Syleenna said with a laugh during her talk with Madame Noire. “That is the resolution, baby!”

Syleena explained Nicci is just not her “type of person.” “What I realized is that sometimes there are people in your life or people who come into your life that you realize, ‘Oh no, I can’t deal with that, I wouldn’t associate myself with that kind of person because me and that person don’t see eye to eye.’”

But just because Syleena doesn’t care to be Nicci’s friend, it doesn’t mean she has any ill will toward her. “It’s not personal. I don’t hate her. I don’t wish her bad. I wish her well in all her endeavors. I want her to thrive and be successful in everything she does,” Syleena said. “Just not with me. I’m just cool without her.”

As for the scores of fans who have decided to stop supporting Nicci and R&B Divas LA “mean girl” Kelly Price based on thier actions on the show, Syleena kept it simple: “I don’t think it’s fair to judge them based on how you see them. You still liked their music before you saw them, so it’s the same person singing the same record.”

Ultimately, Syleena said that reality TV doesn’t changes the person’s talent: “If you like the song, buy it.”

What do you think of Syleena and Nicci’s decision to stay away from each other? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Madame Noire via YouTube

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