Did the Judges Get It Right in Sending Alexandria Home? ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 10
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America's Next Top Model

Did the Judges Get It Right in Sending Alexandria Home? ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 10

For some people — perhaps no one more so than MollyAlexandria's glossy 8x10 should've gotten an "X" long ago. But did the judges of America's Next Top Model make the right call Wednesday night?

Probably. But the circumstances surrounding it were kind of underwhelming. Consider Jay Manuel's warning to Alexandria right before the shoot: "I would hate for us to get to this place where we do a shoot with you today that's so controlled, that that's what's going to send you home." Oddly enough, she didn't utter a controlling or directorial peep in the outdoor market, but was instead criticized for tightness in the mouth. Is it crazy to think that maybe talking was her secret? And maybe that's what the judges liked about her all along, despite their protests?

At panel, Tyra, Andre, and Nigel all sounded a little sleepy discussing Lex, as though without any behavior issues to scold her about, the fun had been sucked out of it. Even when addressing Hannah and Alexandria at the very end, Tyra said that disjointed statement about blondes getting a bad rap. What did that have to do with anything? Basically, Lex's photo wasn't bad, but all the drama was in the clothes. With just four left, it wasn't enough to eek by.

Seems like there's no hard feelings, though. In our interview with Alexandria, she told us that she has to thank "whatever higher power is out there just for this experience alone." And somewhere, Tyra Banks whispered, "You're welcome."

05.6.2011 / 09:32 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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