Did the Judges Get it Right in Sending Jaclyn Home on ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 8?
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America's Next Top Model

Did the Judges Get it Right in Sending Jaclyn Home on ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 8?

We don't want America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 contestant Jaclyn to go back to Texas! Only last week we predicted she might win the whole thing. How dare the producers make our crystal ball seem so cloudy? Speaking of cloudy, what was Tyra talking about when she told Jaclyn to go home and learn to read a map, but that "it's not so much about what the map represents. You understand?" No, not really.

Anyway, we got nervous for Miss Congeniality when she and Molly landed in the bottom two. Molly's eco-friendly photo was better. Not that Jaclyn's was bad (all of the shots were sort of grotesquely beautiful, or dare we say ugly-pretty), but her arms were very awkwardly positioned. It was frustrating because though it didn't seem like her time to go yet (She just won the crazies shoot! She's improving every week!), everyone else did better. This made us feel sad feelings.

But then in the final moments, of course, the photos didn't really matter. Tyra focused instead on the go-sees challenge. Jaclyn booked both go-sees she went on because of her bubbly effervescence and general enthusiasm for the process. They just liked her. Molly, meanwhile, only booked two of the four she went on and spent most of the episode sulking. She also lost the Lana Marks prize because of her attitude. Oh, and when Tyra announced Molly was still in, she wept, while Jaclyn smiled and said, "It doesn't stop here. Thank you so much."



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