Did Wiz Khalifa Cheat on Amber Rose?
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Did Wiz Khalifa Cheat on Amber Rose?

There must be something in the air (along with a lot of friggin' pollen) because this is the second rapper-cheats-with-model allegation we’ve heard in less than a week. Okay, yeah we know these sorts of rumors are about as common as allergies in springtime, but it’s not every day they both involve Kanye West.

Last week, a Canadian model accusing the rapper of sleeping around on baby mama Kim Kardashian. Now, we’ve got Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose, at the center of her very own cheating scandal. Amber’s fiancé Wiz Khalifa supposedly posted his phone number under the photo of a hot young thing on his Instagram, leading many to assume that maybe Wiz was looking for a hook-up.

Hardly, the rapper claims, explaining that his Instagram account “Mister Cap” was hacked. “Oh, whoever hacced [sic] my instagram is a tool and i feel sorry for your mother,” Wiz tweeted as the news of his potential fling hit the interwebs.

Did Wiz Khalifa Cheat on Amber Rose?
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The model in question has since set her Instagram to private so maybe she’s looking to stay out of any future love triangles. Plus, Amber Rose just ran afoul of hackers herself tweeting yesterday, “Ok my Instagram is hacked these f--kers just hacked my husbands the other day.... Great.” Hold up! Husband? Last we checked Amber was just shopping for wedding dresses, not wearing one!

Whether or not they’ve actually walked down the aisle yet, we’re glad to hear Amber’s sticking by her man if only so they can keep sharing adorable photos of their baby boy Bash.