Did Zachary Levi Just Get Secretly Married to Missy Peregrym? (UPDATE: It’s True!) (VIDEO)
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Did Zachary Levi Just Get Secretly Married to Missy Peregrym? (UPDATE: It’s True!) (VIDEO)


It’s official — Zachary and Missy are married! Zachary’s close friend (and Avatar star) Joel David Moore confirmed the news on Twitter Monday night.

“Congrats to @ZacharyLevi and @mperegrym on their stunning wedding and beautiful future,” Joel tweeted. “Couldn’t be happier for my brother & new sis pal.”

Sigh. If only we could have married Flynn Rider. Congrats, Zachary and Missy!

Original Story: (June 16, 2014 9:30 p.m.)

Sorry, Chuck fans! Looks like star Zachary Levi may be off the market — like, put-a-ring-on-it off the market — based on a series of tweets between him and longtime friend-but-maybe-more, Rookie Blue star Missy Peregrym.

"Hey @ZacharyLevi, great job at the Tony's. You're a real babe alert," tweeted Missy on June 9. "How about we grab a coffee and talk about your dreams and goals."

"Hey, thank you," Zachary flirted back. "Name the place and time. I'll bring my own mug. Not my typical move, but I'm feelin like takin a chance."

Looks like that coffee date paid off — earlier this evening, Missy tweeted a photo of the couple in Mr. and Mrs. hoodies, with the caption, "That coffee date was UNREAL." In case the hoodies weren't clear enough, she tagged Zachary and added the hashtag, #marriedinmaui. What is happening?

Zachary retweeted her, adding, "Those dreams and goals are really workin' out." Cute!

Did Zachary Levi Just Get Secretly Married to Missy Peregrym? (UPDATE: It’s True!) (VIDEO)
Credit: Missy Peregrym on Twitter    

It's possible that the pair are just messing with us, but we doubt it! They've had a history spanning back a decade. The pair walked down many red carpets together back in 2004, but for a while, their frequent companionship seemed like a distant memory… until eagle-eyed fans spotted them arriving at the Canadian Screen Awards together back in March of this year, hinting at a rekindled romance.

Still, this is super crazy — neither had officially confirmed they were dating the other, and while secret celeb marriages aren't totally unusual, they still tend to knock us out of the park every time. If they really did get married, though, we believe congratulations are in order!

Did you ship these two all along? Let us know your thoughts below!

Sources: Zachary Levi on Twitter, Missy Peregrym on Twitter

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