Kandi Burruss on Difficulties of Long Distance Relationship: I Was Almost Crying
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Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss on Difficulties of Long Distance Relationship: I Was Almost Crying

While most people spend their first few post-wedding months happily settling into their new domestic life, Kandi Burruss has yet to experience that content feeling. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star married Todd Tucker on April 4, but just days afterwards Todd’s work brought him cross country to L.A. for six months! And it hasn’t been all smooth sailing since, admits Kandi.

The former Xscape singer spoke with EBONY.com this week about her experience as a newlywed in a long-distance relationship. “I guess we still don’t feel married yet,” Kandi tells the mag, adding that the couple “went from seeing each other and being together every day to a long-distance relationship.”

As fans of the reality pair may know, the reason for their separation is actually a good one: Todd has a pretty exciting TV production in progress called Hollywood Divas for TV One. The reality show will even feature some familiar faces like Countess Vaughn and RHoA alum Lisa Wu!

Kandi says she and Todd do try to see one another on the weekends, but that isn’t always possible. So how do they keep their relationship strong with thousands of miles between them?

“We make it work through a lot of communication, and we try to see each other as often as possible,” the Housewife explains. Though they seem to have worked out the kinks in that formula now, Kandi says there was a moment when she almost lost it.

“There was a time when we both got really busy and went a while without seeing each other,” the newlywed reveals. “I actually was getting really upset, almost crying.”

Lucky for Kandi, she’s got one thoughtful, adorable man to cheer her up!

“I called him fussing one day and, as I was fussing, he came through the door and surprised me,” she recounts. “To me, you have to do things like that and make your relationship a priority. Our new rule is to not let two weeks go by without spending time together. That’s the limit.”

Sounds like a smart rule to have! Glad to see Mr. and Mrs. Tucker are doing just fine.

Have you done the long distance relationship thing? Was it as difficult for you as Kandi and Todd? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: EBONY.com