The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Digital Comic Exclusive: Stefan and Lexi Take Woodstock in “1969” (PHOTOS)

Stefan Salvatore ;has a history with the Bennett witches, and Chapter 10 ("1969") of The Vampire Diaries digital-first comic is diving into the Salvatore's past with the Bennett line, specifically Sheila "Grams" Bennett. That's right. Long before Stefan ever met Bonnie, it turns out he had an interesting first encounter with Sheila at... Woodstock?

Wetpaint Entertainment has the exclusive first look at Part 1 of the two-part story featuring the Bennett witches. According to the synopsis, "Bonnie Bennett uses her time on the Other Side to get in touch with some old family history. In this story, Grams reveals the story behind her first meeting with Stefan Salvatore." ;

In the summer of '69, Stefan and Lexi run into a teenaged Sheila Bennett at what looks like the iconic music festival. As it turns out, Sheila went against her mother Ameila's wishes, and now Stefan and Lexi are trying to convince the young witch to hitch a ride with them back to Mystic Falls. Hilarity obviously ensues.

Check out the exclusive three-page sneak peek "1969 — Part 1," and tell us what you think in the comments! Don't forget to download the issue Thursday, January 30. ;

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