Is Camille Grammer’s Ex Dimitri Charalambopoulos Trying to Hustle Her For Money?
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Camille Grammer

Is Camille Grammer’s Ex Dimitri Charalambopoulos Trying to Hustle Her For Money?

Poor Camille Grammer! The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been extremely unlucky in love, and ex Dimitri Charalambopoulos is only making things worse. Camille alleged that Dimitri abused her back in October, just two days after her cancer surgery. (If you’ll recall, she claimed he beat her up in a Houston hotel room and ripped out her hair.) Since then, Camille was granted two restraining orders, but Dimitri, for some reason, wasn’t charged with assault.

Now Dimitri is dragging Camille back to court, and he’s suing her for claiming he’s an abuser. Camille is being accused of defamation, malicious prosecution, and fraud, but at least Camille’s got her friends on her side. A source told RumorFix, “She’s not worried about this frivolous lawsuit. He did it [gave her bruises]. She has so much evidence against this man!”

But why would Dimitri drag both of them back into the limelight? Money, says the source. “He needs to get a job. He’s spent two years trying to hustle her for money. She gave him tens of thousands of dollars and when she stopped giving him money, he got angry.”

Camille’s lawyers don’t seem too worried, either. In fact, they seem downright thrilled. “We are delighted that he filed a lawsuit because we are already in the process of filing a civil lawsuit against him to pay for the damage he has caused,” her lawyer told TMZ. “We look forward to court, where we will introduce forensic evidence clearly establishing his liability. It is surprising that someone who committed an assault would actually sue the victim."

Hopefully Camille will get justice and be done with this guy once and for all!

Source: RumorFix, TMZ