Dina Manzo: Caroline and I Aren’t Fighting Anymore — The Feud is Over!
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Dina Manzo: Caroline and I Aren’t Fighting Anymore — The Feud is Over!

Feud? What feud? The longtime battle between former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo and her sister, Dina Manzo, is over, news that comes from Dina herself!

Dina will be returning to RHoNJ for Season 6, and while many have speculated that she only came back to the show because her sister had left, the blonde Manzo sister tells In Touch that is totally not the case.

She and Caroline are “totally fine,” Dina says, telling the mag that the sisters's former anger has been replaced by civility. So while the two probably won’t be braiding each other’s hair and making friendship bracelets anytime soon, they definitely aren’t at each other’s throats.

“When we see each other, we kiss each other hello,” Dina says. “We just don’t hang out for Sunday dinner, that’s all.”

Last month, Wetpaint Entertainment reported exclusively that Caroline’s daughter, Lauren, had invited Dina to her upcoming wedding. Dina uses this as an example of how she and her sister have mended fences.

So even though the two didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving together — hey, Dina was spending time with her father, okay? — the RHoNJ returner says she and her sister are still in a good place. “If Caroline needed me and called me tomorrow, I would be there. I love my sister. I will always love her.”

Source: In Touch

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