Dina Manzo Gives Update on Relationship with Her Husband
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Dina Manzo Gives Update on Relationship with Her Husband

Now that Dina Manzo is returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey for Season 6, we're eager to find out all the details of her current life. As far as her love life goes, Dina recently spoke with The North Jersey Record, where she revealed her relationship status with her husband. The couple separated last year, but Dina says they still share a home.

"We still live together," Dina told the newspaper. "I announced my separation a year ago, but Tommy and I have a very special love for each other that will never go away. So, we live in the same house."

What's more, Dina insinuated that there's a chance that her and Tommy Manzo might end up calling off the separation altogether.

"We love each other. We respect each other. And that's the way it's gonna stay whether we get divorced or whether we stay together," Dina shared, adding, "I think it's a really nice place to be with each other."

Regardless, Dina and Tommy seem to be determined to keep things civil between them, no matter how their love story unfolds.

"We're just seeing how things go right now. But there's always love and respect between us," Dina concluded.

If they do go through with the divorce, we imagine they will end up moving out, but until then, it seems that Dina and Tommy are making cohabitation work as a separated couple.

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Source: The North Jersey Record