Dina Manzo: “I’m Very Protective of Teresa” and “Amber Got Under My Skin”
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Dina Manzo: “I’m Very Protective of Teresa” and “Amber Got Under My Skin”

Amber Marchese is already causing trouble on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 — and not just with the twins! Although her gossiping is what really brought the drama this week, Amber also rubbed Dina Manzo the wrong way for a totally different reason.

During the episode, Teresa Giudice held a get together so her friends and fam could taste-test her new dessert line. During the meal, Amber got all teary-eyed about Teresa's current struggles, even drawing a comparison to her own battle against cancer. A lot of viewers thought equating cancer to fraud charges was a bit iffy, and in her Bravo blog Dina admits that she wasn't a fan of the way Amber behaved.

"Amber did get under my skin by getting emotional in front of Audriana," Dina wrote. "Listen, I know Fabilinis were involved and she did seem genuine, but not in front of the kids please. I have resting bitch face to begin with, but I think you can all tell what I was thinking at that second. I'll say it again and again, I am VERY protective of Teresa and her family right now."

We didn't even think about the fact that Amber was getting all emotional in front of Audriana, but that's a good point. The Giudice parents are clearly trying to shield their girls from what's happening as much as possible, which Amber's waterworks didn't do.

What do you think: Was Amber's emotional moment inappropriate, or just a genuine reaction? Sound off in the comments below!

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