Dina Manzo Looking to Find the One in 2014
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Dina Manzo Looking to Find the One in 2014

Could this be the year that Dina Manzo finds love again? She certainly hopes so! The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member recently posted a wishful message on Twitter, revealing that she's ready for a new man, and she's setting her expectations high… royally high.

"Some day my prince...ehem King will come #2014," Dina wrote.

We wish Dina the best with her lofty endeavor, but we're pretty sure no king, prince, duke, or even a mere peon will be interested in embarking on a relationship with a woman who is still living with her husband.

Dina and her ex, Tommy, separated over a year ago, but the couple still shares the same roof, which as we learned from Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston in The Break-Up, can be a pretty tricky situation.

"We still live together. I announced my separation a year ago, but Tommy and I have a very special love for each other that will never go away. So, we live in the same house," Dina explained to a local Jersey paper back in November of 2013.

What's more, Dina even implied that there was a possibility for reconciliation.

"We love each other. We respect each other. And that's the way it's gonna stay whether we get divorced or whether we stay together," Dina shared, adding, "We're just seeing how things go right now. But there's always love and respect between us."

Dina's recent Tweet makes us think that staying with Tommy is unlikely at this point, but moving on with a new man is even more unlikely while he's still in the picture. It seems to us that Dina needs to make some changes in 2014.

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