Is Dina Really Moving? Source Says No — Report
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Is Dina Really Moving? Source Says No — Report

We're thrilled that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo has found a new apartment in NYC and has been spending time fixing it all up. But is she really leaving the home that she has shared for years with husband Tommy?

Dina has previously revealed that she and Tommy are in the process of splitting up, although Dina herself has admitted that they aren't completely benefit-free these days, if you get our drift. Now, a new report states that Dina might not be moving out of their home after all.

According to a source that talked to Rumor Fix, Dina is not planning to move out of their home at the end of Season 6, as some people have speculated. Apparently, Dina has not made any effort to begin any sort of move.

In addition, while some people may be speculating that Dina is returning to the show because she has money issues, sources say this isn't true either — or at least no more true of Dina than anyone.

"Why do any of them [appear on RHoNJ] for?" says a source. "It’s a job. It’s such a silly statement [to assume that Dina is having money problems] when you think about it. Don’t we all go to work for a paycheck?"

Are you surprised that Dina reportedly won't be moving out of the home she shares with Tommy?

Source: Rumor Fix