Heather Dubrow Dishes About Her New Mansion (VIDEO)
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Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow Dishes About Her New Mansion (VIDEO)

We got to hear a little about Heather Dubrow's not-yet-completed mansion on this week's Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 premiere. Now, Heather is telling us more about her new pad, which will have a whopping eight bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

We heard Heather say during the episode that she's very excited about the home's spacious motor court. "I think maybe 12 cars you could park in the motor court, but downstairs, there's another 12-car garage," Heather says in a Bravo video. She explains that their four children and their friends will soon be driving and may need those parking spaces.

"In this house, we have a really spectacular kitchen and family room that really runs the entire length of the house," she continues. "I put in a beauty salon it's got a shampoo sink and a makeup station and an area for the next client to be waiting." We're jealous!

Heather also points out that the home has features that her co-stars will appreciate. "Of course, there's a gym, and maybe Tamra can come over and lead some classes," Heather quips. "And there's a really great bar that Vicki and Tamra can come over and dance on." Ha!

What do you think about Heather's new home? Do you think it sounds too big?

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