Brandi Glanville Dishes on Wendy Williams, Her “Complicated” Dating Life — Exclusive
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Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Dishes on Wendy Williams, Her “Complicated” Dating Life — Exclusive

If you were going to celebrate your last night as a single lady with any Housewife, it would totally be Brandi Glanville, right? Who knows how to party it up with the girls better than her? Well, a bunch of lucky bachelorettes from around the country get to make that dream a reality on July 11 weekend, when the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star will team up with Wendy Williams to host the third annual World’s Largest Bachelorette Party at TAO and LAVO in Las Vegas!

Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with the busy reality star, whose second book, Drinking and Dating: P.S. Social Media Is Ruining Romance, hit the New York Times bestseller list earlier this year. She filled us in on her own wild ‘90s bachelorette bash, her relationship with her outspoken co-host Wendy, and the current state of her dating life.

Wetpaint Entertainment: The world's largest bachelorette bash sounds exciting! What made you decide to get involved?

Brandi Glanville: I'm super excited. I've been working with TAO for many years now, and they always throw the best parties, so I said, "Why not?!"

What was your bachelorette party like?

My bachelorette party was so long ago but super fun — lots of dancing on tables. And my friends and I dancing in our limo — the best and safest way, in a limo! It was the ‘90s after all.

What’s the one thing vital to every bachelorette’s celebration?

No bachelorette party can do without your best girlfriends, and I am lucky to have a lot of them!

Are you excited to work alongside Wendy Williams? What's your relationship like?

I'm a fan of Wendy's. I've done her show and I think she is great. She has a strong voice and it's her job to give her opinion, even if its not in my favor — or Beyoncé's. I still respect her.

We've been following your real estate journey the past few months, how are you settling into the new digs?

I'm completely unpacked and we are loving our new place so much that the boys didn't even want to leave the house to go to Target — that's a first!

How is your dating life going these days? We see you tweeting about ex-boyfriends and going on dates with new guys. Is anyone stealing your heart or are you playing the field?

My heart is half stolen and I'm working on getting the whole heart burglarized! It’s complicated. Until then, I'm having fun!

Are you ready for a new season of the show? What are your bachelorette party essentials? Sound off in the comments below.