Miley Cyrus Disses Beyoncé? Miley Says Never! (UPDATE)
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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Disses Beyoncé? Miley Says Never! (UPDATE)

Update (3:20 p.m.):

The plot thickens concerning the rumored Miley Cyrus-Beyoncé beef. Love Magazine, the publication originally cited as the source of Miley’s anti-Bey quotes, has now taken to Twitter to set the record straight.

“@MileyCyrus never said anything to us about Beyonce, the quotes were made up and we’re trying to get to the bottom of where this came from,” the magazine wrote January 2.

Miley retweeted the message and Love’s follow-up: “WE ALL LOVE BEYONCE.”

Finally, some truth.

Update (11:41 a.m.):

Thought the report Miley dissed Beyoncé seemed a bit fishy? You were right, according to a stream of outraged tweets from Miley herself.

“That quote people MADE UP about Beyoncé just made me lol!,” the 21-year-old wrote January 2. “Imagine if I said I got 'the looks and the curves I’m just better!' Bahahahhaha.”

Her next round of tweets wasn't quite so amused, however. “How are people allowed to make up s--t & then out quotes around it saying I said that s--t! WTF!!?!” she said followed by “Thank god I just woke up from this nightmare” and “don’t worry. getting 2 the bottom of this s--t. making the liar retract the statement. U can cause ALOT of drama but NOT between me & B!”

Watch out, people. Drama’s a-comin' but at least it’s not between Miley and Bey.

Original story (5:52 a.m.):

There are a few universal truths in our world that we just don’t question: the sky is blue, grass is green, and Beyoncé is irreplaceable. However, some reports claim Miley Cyrus has missed that memo.

In a new interview with UK’s Love Magazine — where Miley graces the March 2014 cover showing off a pink mohawk — the “Adore You” singer revealed why she thinks Beyoncé’s on the way out and why she’s the perfect person to fill her spot.

“Beyoncé has been a big inspiration to me but she’s been out for such a long time,” Miley said. “She’s so talented and I think she’s at the top of the game now but people are always looking for new blood and that’s what I bring to the game now, new blood.”

Okay, this is fine. Totally reasonable. Miley’s right — Hollywood (and the music industry especially) are always looking for the newest big thing.

“I got the total package, you know? The curves, the rhythm, and the voice. I’m just the best,” Miley added.

So Miley’s not exactly modest, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. It gets worse.

“As Beyoncé grows into motherhood and all the crap it does to your body, it will create a vacuum for fresh young faces to rise up and no one else can properly fill that void right now,” Miley said. “I’m the only white female singer that could fill that slot right now and do it right, you know?”

Um, what about what happened a couple of weeks ago where Bey released an album with no promotion that went directly to number one?

“I just feel like I was born for this time right now,” Miley continues. “All things must start and end and I hope to have the same success as other icons in the game when my run is over. But for now, my run is just starting.”

Sources: Love Magazine on Twitter, Miley Cyrus on Twitter, Love Magazine via Hollywood Life

01.2.2014 / 12:00 AM EST by Nicole Pomarico
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