The Divergent Cast: See Them Before They Were Famous! (VIDEO)

We're pretty amped up for Divergent's premiere tomorrow — and not just to see the dystopian young adult novel series hit the big screen. Shailene Woodley, who we've been rooting for since Secret Life of the American Teenager, is set to play the series heroine Beatrice Prior!

But even before Shailene's role on Secret Life or her big role opposite George Clooney in 2011's The Descendants, the 22-year-old rising star had a couple of super tiny TV roles that only the most eagle-eyed of viewers may remember. Among those roles was Kaitlin Cooper, Marissa Cooper's little sister in The O.C. And before y'all correct us — yes, Willa Holland played Kaitlin from Season 3 til the series end, but when she was just a bit part with pony lessons, little Shailene Woodley filled those designer shoes.

Of course, Shailene isn't the only Divergent star to have a small-part past — even Kate Winslet, who plays the big bad, Jeanine Matthews, started small! The star of Titanic has a big-screen history going back even further than her epic 1997 breakout performance, all the way to a notoriously awful Disney film from 1995.

See what Kate starred in before she was famous — along with Divergent co-stars Maggie Q, Theo James, and Miles Teller — in the video above, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.