Pauly D Wants to Collaborate With Nicki Minaj and Be on Vinny’s Show — Exclusive
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Pauly D Wants to Collaborate With Nicki Minaj and Be on Vinny’s Show — Exclusive

Even though he’s left the Jersey Shore house behind, our favorite guido DJ Pauly D still knows how to bring the house down — with his music. Signed to hip-hop mogul 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records, Pauly released his first single, “Back to Love,” this year, an infectious fist-pumper featuring British crooner Jay Sean. So when will we get to enjoy more of Pauly’s tunes?

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the DJ at his REMIX Cocktails summer kickoff bash (which he co-hosted with 50 Cent and his SK Energy shots) in New York City on May 23 to find out what’s next for him — including his surprising collaborations! Of course, he also dished about Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo (and his future blowouts), and BFF Vinny Guadagnino’s new show. Will he be making an appearance on The Show With Vinny? Read on to find out!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Everyone in our office loves your song “Back to Love” with Jay Sean! When’s the album gonna drop?

Pauly D: The new album is gonna drop a little later because I wanna drop some singles first. My next single’s gonna drop by end of June probably, so I’m gonna drop a little something! I’ve been collaborating with people that nobody would expect me to collaborate with. Like I just collaborated with [The Voice’s social media correspondent] Christina Milian. On the next song, I got Big Sean on there. I also worked with Waka Flocka, and obviously 50 [Cent] and his whole camp, so it’ll be a little bit different.

What about a female rapper though, like Nicki Minaj?

That would be dope! Yeah, I’d love that.

What about Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo? Have you had a chance to see him lately? He’s getting so big!

Yeah, he’s so big! He’s adorable. He dresses like me. I hope he does his hair like me!

So you’ll have to teach him how to do a perfect blowout.

Yes, absolutely!

Aww. Will we get to see you make an appearance Vinny’s new show, The Show With Vinny?

No, I’m not making an appearance on his show [this season]. Maybe next time.

Fingers crossed that Vinny and Pauly will be on-screen together soon! Who else would you love for him to team up with? Tell us in the comments below.