Do Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon Deserve to Win Bachelor Pad 3?
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Do Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon Deserve to Win Bachelor Pad 3?

Everyone in the Bachelor Pad 3 house wants Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon to kick rocks. They’re the odd couple out — but they are also surprisingly hard to ditch. Impressively hard? Annoyingly hard? Suspiciously hard? (That’s what she said!)

Last week, Chris’s booty was on the line and he saved himself with a bold move, changing Erica Rose’s mind so she took out BP2 winner Michael Stagliano. This week, on Episode 6, Chris and Sarah won the spelling bee challenge, upsetting all the other housemates working against them. (Way to underachieve, Padawans!)

That’s two weeks in a row that members of this partnership have saved themselves in fairly impressive fashion. Yeah, Chris is a “villain” in the house for the way he treated both Jamie Otis and former partner Blakeley Jones, but Sarah doesn’t seem to have any real enemies (except maybe Reid Rosenthal, since she ratted on his plan to oust Ed Swiderski.)

Do you think Chris and Sarah have earned a little more respect? Do you think they may even deserve to win or do you wish they would leave ASAP? After all, if this show really is about “playing the game” and not making friends, they are doing pretty well. Or do you think The Powers That Be helped this couple along a bit, since they are the key focus of show drama, by allowing Erica into the voting room with Chris last week and giving them a pretty easy final word this week with "serendipity"?