Do You Let Your Teens Watch Teen Mom?
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Do You Let Your Teens Watch Teen Mom?

Fact: 700,000 teens get pregnant each year. That's three out of ten teenage girls in the United States!

The results of these shocking statistics have been played out on the small screen thanks to MTV's reality show, Teen Mom, a controversial series that follows the lives of four teen parents as they deal with the consequences of getting pregnant during high school. The show has spawned three different series — one of which, Teen Mom 3, premieres its latest season tonight at 10/9c.

The show is all kinds of emotional and is usually praised for its accurate portrayal of teenage motherhood, but Teen Mom has consistently been accused of glamorizing pregnancy. The show's stars are paid super-high undisclosed salaries, they constantly appear in tabloids, and some of them have even landed promotional deals thanks to their platform on Teen Mom. Many parents don't want their impressionable kids watching the show for these reasons, but trust us. As die-hard fans who have watched each and every season, there's nothing glamorous about these gals' lives.

Most of the Teen Moms had to drop out of high school, give up their friends, and become adults while they were still children themselves — and watching their struggles unfold on television can be a great educational opportunity. Furthermore, MTV and Teen Mom partner with Stay Teen and It's Your Sex Life, which provide teens with statistics about pregnancy, as well as sexual education.

Many parents encourage their kids watch Teen Mom in the hopes that the show will encourage them to use protection, but do you think it sets a bad example? Hit the poll and tell us if you let your teens watch!

08.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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