Once Upon a Time: Do You Like How Mulan and Aurora Were Handled?
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time: Do You Like How Mulan and Aurora Were Handled?

Many fans have been clamoring to get some LGBT representation on Once Upon a Time, and on Season 3, Episode 3: “Quite a Common Fairy" their wish was finally granted… kinda.

Near the end of the episode, Robin Hood offered Mulan a place amongst his Merry Men. The warrior woman, who had been pondering the regret that comes with not confessing your love, realized she couldn't go off robbing the rich to feed the poor without making her own feelings for someone clear, explaining "There's someone I need to talk to, before it's too late."

"A loved one?" Robin asked.

"We shall see," Mulan answered.

Next thing you know, she’s riding up to Aurora and Prince Phillip's castle, where she gathered her courage and then went to talk to... Aurora. Not Phillip. Before she could say what was on her mind, Aurora bursts her bubble by announcing that she and Phillip are going to have a child. Tearfully, Mulan said she was joining the Merry Men after all.

Obviously, this story isn't necessarily over yet, but as it stands, many fans are upset with how this scene played out. Yes, it implied that Mulan was is in love with Aurora, but that's all it did: imply. There was no actual confession of love. There are other ways to read the scene, and some fans didn't even think of the idea that it could mean Mulan has romantic feelings for a woman.

In a lot of ways, it feels like the writers are trying to have their cake and eat it too, by making Mulan sorta, kinda canonically gay, while leaving it open to be seen a different way, ultimately failing to actually challenge the status quo. And that's not even to mention that it'll be rather unfortunate if the only LGBT character on the show is in love with someone who doesn't return her feelings (since, at the moment, it looks like Aurora and Phillip are perfectly happy together).

As we said, this story might not be over yet. We could get more solid confirmation of Mulan's feelings down the road, and it's very possible that she will find a woman who loves her back, whether that's Aurora or someone else.

That said, we're interested to know how you felt about the scene as is. Are you happy that the show seems to be pointing to Mulan having feelings for Aurora, or would you prefer that it had been more explicit?

Share your feelings in the comments below!

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