Game of Thrones: Do You Still Like Jaime? (POLL)
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Do You Still Like Jaime? (POLL)

Jaime Lannister has done some pretty terrible things on Game of Thrones over the years. He sleeps with his sister, which is gross. He pushed an innocent kid out a window in an attempt to kill him. He murdered his cousin in an attempt to free himself from captivity. Despite all of this, we still kind of liked him, because he was witty and charming and we could tell that underneath his villainous behavior, there was a man who had a good heart.

Then Jaime’s good side seemed to take over. He saved Brienne from being raped and lost his hand for it. He revealed that his infamous “kingslaying” was done out of necessity, to save the innocent people of King’s Landing from a madman. He rescued Brienne from a bear when the easier thing to do would have been to leave her to die. So then we really liked Jaime, and we were even able to forgive him for, you know, attempting to murder a Stark child.

And then the rape scene happened.

With his rape of Cersei in Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3, Jaime not only regressed to his prior villainous ways, but has maybe even surpassed them. While one could certainly argue that attempted child murder is more deplorable than rape, Bran was nothing to Jaime, while Cersei is the person whom he supposedly loves more than anyone. So now that the rape has happened, can you find it in your heart to still like Jaime? Or is he lost to you forever?

I still like him.

I hate him!