Does ABC Pay for Injuries Inflicted During The Bachelorette’s Filming?
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Does ABC Pay for Injuries Inflicted During The Bachelorette’s Filming?

Brooks Forester — aka the Bachelorette 2013 cutie who’s trying his best to turn ‘ukulele smash’ into the new ‘mic drop’ — has already had quite an eventful season. In addition to shattering our funnybone with his goofy charm, the Utah-based cutie has also managed to shatter... one of his fingers.

Who can forget watching Brooks get carted off to the hospital on a gurney after breaking his finger during Season 9, Episode 3’s dodgeball game? That scene was intense.

But you know what else is intense? The cost of a hospital bill. Especially when homeskillz was rolled off in an ambulance (walking with a broken finger is so taxing)... So, did Brooks have to foot the bill for his treatment, or did ABC pick up the check you know, since he only sustained the injury while participating on one of their shows?

Does ABC Pay for Injuries Inflicted During The Bachelorette’s Filming?
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According to Bachelor Nation spoiler king Reality Steve, Brooks didn’t have to pay a penny. Same goes for Season 7 Bachelorette finalist Ames Brown, when he suffered a concussion in the middle of an ill-fated round of Muay Thai boxing during a group date competition.

“In instances like Brooks, or Ames when he was taken to the hospital for a concussion during his group date, that’s covered by the show,” Steve writes. Don’t assume the show will be shelling out money for any ‘ole injury, though.

Steve adds, “If one of the guys is out screwing around in the pool at the mansion and jumps off the diving board and injures himself, that’d be on him and his insurance.”

Considering the injuries all happened on set, we assume ABC has some pretty rock-solid insurance coverage and is covering all the costs. However, it’s still unclear where exactly the show will draw the line. People’s Bachelor special edition magazine reports that an ambulance has been called 5 times in the history of the show, so this isn’t a brand new problem for the franchise. Bachelor 2013 contestant Tierra LiCausi was responsible for two of those instances, once for hypothermia, and once for falling down the stairs at the Mansion. But since Steve didn’t mention her name specifically, we’re not entirely sure whether or not ABC covered the costs.

The moral of the story: Don’t overindulge at the cocktail parties. Sure, it will get you a little extra airtime, but it could also do some damage to your pocketbook if you're not careful.

Source: Reality Steve

06.20.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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