Does Aria Know Ezra Is “A” on Pretty Little Liars? Let’s Examine the Evidence!
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Pretty Little Liars

Does Aria Know Ezra Is “A” on Pretty Little Liars? Let’s Examine the Evidence!

When Ezra Fitz was revealed as "A" during the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 summer finale (Season 4, Episode 12: “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”), we had one question on our minds: Does Aria (Lucy Hale) know?

While we would want to believe that Ezra is "A" for his own reasons (the suggestion so far is that he was Ali's "beach hottie"), and he got close to Aria specifically to mess with her, we can't help but feel like Aria knows more about what's going on than she's willing to admit. Yes, we know Aria was targeted by "A" multiple times, but some fans are speculating that Aria does know, or might even be part of the "A" team herself. Why? Here are a couple of the many reasons that make her suspicious:

  • "A" rarely targeted her. This could be because #ezrA had some real feelings for her, or it could be because she was involved in the "A" team herself.

  • She's the one who does the "shhh" in the opening credits. Is that because she's keeping the biggest secret of them all?

  • Ms. Grunwald suggested Ali was afraid to come to the Liars. Is it because she knew Aria was aligned with "A"?

  • It would keep Ezria epic. The writers have hinted that Aria and Ezra's relationship is endgame. Well, that could still be true if they are some kind of Bonnie and Clyde duo. Lucy Hale has even said she wants that!

This evidence seems to suggest Aria is working with Ezra, but of course, we can't ignore the fact that Lucy Hale filmed a particularly emotional scene in Season 4B, one in which Aria was not only "restrained," but she was also "screaming and crying." This sounds like Aria finds out about Ezra's "A" status, and unless she's putting on a show for the Liars, it would appear that Aria had no idea Ezra was "A." However, things aren't always what they seem in Rosewood, so we'll just have to wait and see how this all pans out.

    Do you think Aria knows Ezra is "A"? Sound off in the comments below!

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