BiP Sneak Peek: Does AshLee Frazier Scare Graham Bunn Away? (VIDEO)
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Bachelor in Paradise

BiP Sneak Peek: Does AshLee Frazier Scare Graham Bunn Away? (VIDEO)

We’re so confused about AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn — is she cray cray or is he just sending her some pretty mixed signals that are making her look loco on Bachelor in Paradise?

Prior to the season airing, G.Bunns revealed he went to Paradise specifically to meet Ash. Then on the premiere, he accepted a date with Clare Crawley, though he knew capital L’s evil eye was on him. Ash put the fear of, well, Ash in everyone and blocked the Graham/Clare date from happening. But Graham seemed to come around to her way of thinking, and he gave her his rose at the end of the premiere — which, on this show, is supposed to signify you want to be exclusive ocean makeout buddies.

Then rumors surfaced that the two had dated prior to the show and Graham is trying to win Ash back — hint, Graham: maybe don’t accept dates with other girls while trying to woo one in particular. Just sayin. Now in the promo for Episode 3, A + G go on their first 1-on-1 date and Graham looks like he wants nothing to do with her. Where’s our vertigo medicine? The room is spinning.

In the clip, Graham tells ex and good, good friend Michelle Money, that Ash is light years ahead of where he is when it comes to their relationship. So, will Ash scare Graham off with her needy (or just confused by Graham’s signals) ways? Watch the promo then tell us your thoughts in the comments:

Source: ABC