Bachelorette 2013: Does Brooks Forester Eliminate Himself in Antigua?
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Bachelorette 2013: Does Brooks Forester Eliminate Himself in Antigua?

Poor Desiree Hartsock. The Season 9 Finale just looks like it's going to be one giant ad for anti-depressants and relying on a dating app (cough *At First Sight* cough) to find your true love. But while we've been concerned that Des may not find love in the end, we're even more concerned that the Bachelorette finds love — only to have him walk away.

We hope you were sitting down when you saw the preview for Desiree Hartsock’s last coupla episodes in Antigua for The Bachelorette Season 9 Finale. We’re especially concerned about one moment in the promo when Desiree sobs to Chris Harrison about something sob-worthy. “I just didn’t think I’d ever end up here,” Des cries. “I just want to go home.” To which Chris utters a super helpful “I’m sorry.” Men.

But while we’re not sure about what is making Desiree sob into her peach silk maxi dress while sitting in a wicker chair, we have one big idea: Does Brooks Forester eliminate himself?

While we have no proof that Sir Coifs-alot peaces out, and have in fact heard Des say repeatedly how much she loves him / is in love with him / wants to marry him and have his plaid-shirted babies, he hasn’t said anything back to her. One part of the voiceover sounds like Brooks saying that he loves her, but he’s not shown doing so and it’s unclear when in time this might be said.

Also, considering how hard Des is crying in the video, we have to consider that it might be the case that Brooks tells her he’s just not that into her. Why else would she ruin her perfectly good pretty-cry streak while sitting on wicker with a Sandra Lee tablescape behind her?!

What has been holding Brooks back from uttering those three little words while Des and the other guys have been so free with them? We’re not sure. Sanity? He has a huge family of siblings who have husbands and wives and kids. He’s made it clear he wants that, but hasn’t shown whether he wants that with Des.

Also supporting our theory that Brooks peaces out: Us Weekly's newest print edition, which says that "one of Hartsock's final three ... makes a shocking exit before the rose ceremony on The Bachelorette July 29." Yikes. And while Us isn't releasing the name of the contestant who leaves, the fact that we're told that this mystery man's departure left Des with "no clear front-runner" gives us even more concern that it's Brooks.

If Brooks goes, will Des pick Chris Siegfried or Drew Kenney to be her one and only pity pick? When Ali Fedotowsky’s favorite guy from the whole season, Frank Neuschaefer, left her, she chose Roberto Martinez in the Season 6 Episode 10 finale. And while they lasted a little while, reality eventually caught up with them and they split. Ever since, we’ve wondered what would have happened had Frank not walked away. Would Ali have chosen him? Would they still be together?

We’d hate for Desiree to have to go through a similar situation if Brooks decides that she isn’t the girl for him. Sure, she says she loves Chris somewhat, but she straight up told Chris Harrison that she loves Brooks and wants him to propose. Considering the history of this show, we doubt that ABC would leave all of her super-decisive utterings in the show if things were going to work out so cleanly between the two. And we’re not the only ones: Ali Fedotowsky thinks so, too.

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