Does the Dancing With the Stars Cast Dislike Erin Andrews?
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Does the Dancing With the Stars Cast Dislike Erin Andrews?

Why is there always drama with the Dancing With the Stars co-hosts? Fans complained about Samantha Harris, even more vocal fans complained about Brooke Burke-Charvet, and now people are complaining about Erin Andrews. Why can’t we all just get along?

Life & Style recently ran a story dissing Erin, quoting a snarky — but unnamed, of course — insider who claims Erin is “arrogant, obnoxious and difficult to deal with,” always bossing people around, and complaining about things. Another unnamed person said she hasn’t made any friends and the cast and crew can’t wait for her to leave after each show.

It’s a little hard to believe, especially considering the rapport the Season 10 finalist has with the cast in the Celebriquarium, and we’re not surprised executive producer Conrad Green jumped in to tell E! News the report “couldn’t be further from the truth.” He added, "Erin and our entire cast have been getting on brilliantly.” Another source told E!, "Everyone likes her. When she was first hired, a lot of people weren't happy because she was replacing Brooke, but everything has turned out well."

It’s not like Erin is to blame for Brooke Burke-Charvet leaving, anymore than, say, Henry Byalikov or Maksim Chmerkovskiy are to blame for Tristan MacManus and Sasha Farber sitting out this season while they get to compete. That’s not a call they get to make. If Erin wasn’t here, they’d have replaced Brooke with someone else, and fans would be divided about her as well.

The second a co-host leaves she immediately has a burst of popularity from people who were either silent or complained beforehand, so that’s good news for Erin if she is ever replaced. But hopefully people give her a chance. Besides, we all know the biggest “divas” on this show are the male pros, right? And we love them just as they are!

What do you think about Erin as co-host? Do you believe any of the rumors about her or do you think she gets along with everyone just fine?

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