Does Desiree Hartsock Think Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Will Last?
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Does Desiree Hartsock Think Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Will Last?

No one loves The Bachelor franchise more than we do, but let's be real. The show doesn't exactly have a great track record when it comes to couples staying together and making it down the aisle. But guys? We believe in our hearts that Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici might just break the curse.

This Bachelor Season 17 duo has been in la-la-love since getting engaged back in November 2012, which means they've been together for a whopping 6 months! And considering that most Bachelor relationships last about five minutes, that's a huge deal.

So, does Sean's former fling, Bachelor 17 contestant Desiree Hartsock, think Sean and Catherine will last?

Heck yeah! "I think they have what it takes to last," Desiree told The Huffington Post during a recent interview. "And I think now they'll have the opportunity to really see where it can go."

Aww, we love how supportive Des is of her sexy-exy, and she isn't alone. In fact, fellow contestant Sarah Herron also seems to think that he and Catherine will last. In fact, she told Wetpaint Entertainment, "they're so diverse, yet very similar, and so I think they're this kind of perfect, strange, little combination for each other. And I'm happy for them."

Hear that, naysayers? Sean and Catherine officially have the approval of their Bachelor Bosom Buddies. And with any luck, Desiree will go on the rebound with a fabulous hunk during her upcoming season of The Bachelorette, which premieres Monday, May 27!

Source: The Huffington Post