Does Dina Manzo Still Sleep With Her Ex? She Says…
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Does Dina Manzo Still Sleep With Her Ex? She Says…

Whoa, you guys, get ready to drop your jaws. We knew that Dina Manzo and her ex, Tommy, were still living together, but we had no idea that they were still sharing a bed! The Real Housewives of New Jersey once-again star appeared on Bethenny earlier this week, where she shared all the juicy details of her relationship.

To be clear, Dina and Tommy are not officially divorced yet, they are only separated. What's more, Dina is unclear about their future — she's still not sure whether they will make the split permanent or reconcile.

In the meantime, they've agreed to share a roof and, apparently, a lot more. Let's just say that Dina and Tommy are exes with benefits. When Bethenny straight-up asked Dina if she was still sleeping with Tommy, Dina paused a second before admitting, "On occasion."

But, here's the kicker: These two aren't just a separated couple that's still knockin' boots — they're also exclusive!

When Bethenny wondered how Dina and Tommy are able to make their complicated situation work, Dina replied, "Well, I'm not sleeping with anybody else and I don't think he is either."

So, why did they break up, Bethenny asked?

"Cause some people are just not right for marriage," Dina explained, adding that, yeah, the sex is that good.

Just last week, Dina was tweeting about meeting The One in 2014, but we're not sure any guy would want to walk into this messy arrangement. That is some serious baggage right there!

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