Does Glee’s Rachel Wear Her “Finn” Necklace All Season?
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Does Glee’s Rachel Wear Her “Finn” Necklace All Season?

After her longtime love Finn (Cory Monteith) suddenly passes away in October 10’s Season 5, Episode 3: “The Quarterback,” Rachel (Lea Michele) will make a brief but powerful appearance at the end of the episode. She’ll sing an emotional “To Make You Feel My Love,” and will sport a tiny visual tribute to Finn — in the form of a delicate silver necklace with his name written in silver letters.

Actress Lea Michele, who has a similar necklace to remember her late boyfriend, Cory, tweeted a photo of Rachel’s “Finn” necklace back while the tribute episode was filming. In the almost three months since Cory died, Lea has been spotted out wearing her “Cory” necklace many times.

So will Rachel, too, make the necklace a near-permanent part of her wardrobe? As it turns out, Glee’s Rachel might not be wearing the memorial jewelry quite as much as her real-life counterpart.

On October 2, Lea tweeted photos of Rachel during an apartment scene for Glee Season 5, Episode 4: “A Katy or a Gaga,” the episode directly following the Cory tribute. Rachel has a necklace on, but it’s not her “Finn” one. Instead, she’s wearing a small circle pendant on a delicate silver chain.

This doesn’t mean that Rachel will never again wear her “Finn” necklace, but she doesn’t appear to be adding it to her daily wardrobe. Lea, too, has recently started not wearing her “Cory” jewelry quite so much. On October 1, photographers spotted her out with friends, and Lea was wearing a different necklace.

Still, there’s no doubt that both Lea and Rachel will be keeping their late boyfriends close to their heart, whether or not they’re wearing their memorial necklaces.

Source: Lea Michele on Twitter, Lea Michele on Twitter

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