Does Jaime Know Brienne Is in Love with Him on Game of Thrones?
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Does Jaime Know Brienne Is in Love with Him on Game of Thrones?

A large number of Game of Thrones fans fall under the banner of being proud Jaime/Brienne shippers, but with Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) recently sending Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) away on a seemingly impossible quest, it doesn’t look like the two will be hooking up anytime soon. So we’re left to wonder will they ever end up together, and does Jaime even know that Brienne might have feelings for him?

According to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who portrays Jaime, the Kingslayer is clueless about Brienne’s feelings. “I don't know if [Brienne’s feelings are] conscious for her and I don't think Jaime realizes it,” Nikolaj reveals to Making Game of Thrones. “Jaime shared his innermost secrets with this woman. They went through hell together and that's something they always will have.” The two share a connection, that’s for sure, but Nikolaj doesn’t believe romance to be a part of it.

Even if Jaime doesn’t realize Brienne is in love with him, she has at least helped him see that Cersei is not. “Of course things have changed with Cersei,” Nikolaj says. “Jaime’s whole life has been planned out so he could be close to Cersei. Now he's coming to the realization that the love he thought they had didn't exist. That doesn't mean he can just shut out his own feelings – because he can't. But Jaime is becoming the man that he's meant to be. It's a constant struggle for him, but he's trying to learn who he is. He knows that he cannot continue to live his life on Cersei's terms or his father's terms.”

So take some solace in that, Jaime/Brienne shippers, even if the two would-be love birds don’t get together, at least their time together helped Jaime realize there are other fish in the sea besides his sister.

Source: Making Game of Thrones