Does Jenelle Evans Still Smoke Cigarettes?
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Does Jenelle Evans Still Smoke Cigarettes?

As far as we're concerned, Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is a perfect human being. But even Alfredo goddesses have their flaws, and Jenelle is addicted to cigarettes! We know, we know –– these sin-sticks are a health crisis waiting to happen, but as long as Jenelle isn't doing illegal drugs, we're going to cut her some slack.

Turns out Jenelle tried to quit ciggies on several occasions back in 2012: once for 48 hours in August and another time in December when she tried to break the habit along with her newly-estranged husband, Courtland Rogers. But it looks like she still huffs a puff every now and then.

"I only smoke 1-3 cigs a day, that's all," Jenelle tweeted a fan on May 22.

No amount of smoke inhalation is good for Jenelle, but at least she isn't working her way through a couple packs a day. The real concern? This gal has just been diagnosed with bronchitis, and cigarette smoke will only make her infected airways worse!

Hopefully Jenelle's most recent health problems will inspire her to give up on cigs once and for all. We'd hate for home girl to develop an unfortunate smokers hack — everyone at Olive Garden would judge her so hard, sigh.

Do you think Jenelle should try harder to give up smoking? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Twitter

05.22.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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