Does Katie Yeager Smoke Cigarettes?
Credit: Katie Yeager on Twitter    

Katie Yeager

Does Katie Yeager Smoke Cigarettes?

Fact: Teen Mom and its sister-friends, Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3, are super inspirational shows that set amazing examples for misguided youths all over the USA. However, while the stars of the franchise do a great job keeping teens from popping out babies, they aren't exactly doing their part to stop kids from smoking….

An alarming number of MTV mommies have been caught puffing on cigarettes, including Jenelle Evans, Maci Bookout, and Catelynn Lowell. Most of these ladies have given up the bad habit, but Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager recently gave us a scare by implying that she'd taking up smoking with the following tweet: "A balanced diet of coffee and cigarettes."

We know, panic. FULL PANIC. We hate to think of Katie setting such a bad example to her daughter (not to mention the youths of America), but fear not!

Turns out she was just sub-tweeting a hater, so the hoards of fans who took to Twitter in horror can go ahead and calm down. "Chill kids I don't even smoke," Katie explained. "It was a subtweet."

Phew, what a load off. Good to know that Katie doesn't smoke, and hopefully her cig-happy co-stars will follow in her footsteps and start setting a better example!