Does Kim Zolciak Have Four Children With Three Different Men?
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Does Kim Zolciak Have Four Children With Three Different Men?

We’re used to hearing loads of laughter in the Biermann-Zolciak house on Don’t Be Tardy, but the show’s May 14 episode had far more tears than we would have liked. The waterworks began just a few days before Thanksgiving when Kim Zolciak’s dad, Joe, decided to insult his daughter’s parenting skills and embarrass and hurt his granddaughters.

Joe made several disparaging remarks about his daughter, including that she is a “pathological liar.” But perhaps the most hurtful thing Joe said involved not only Kim, but Brielle and Ariana as well.

“She has been married twice and has three different fathers of her four children. Let's face the facts,” Joe told TMZ late last year.

As Kim was reading Joe’s comments she was obviously hurt, but her main concern was for her children. Kim has never spoken about her daughter’s fathers (she never had a reason to), but during the episode she did tell the cameras that Brielle and Ariana do, in fact, have different dads.

Kim also went on to explain that Brielle didn’t really want that to be public knowledge because kids in high school can be cruel and she’s already been subjected to a fair amount of teasing, but clearly her grandparents didn’t think that through.

Sure, Kim’s kids may have three different biological fathers, but it’s clear that Kroy Biermann is the only dad her kiddos need. Even Brielle agreed, tweeting, “Incredibly blessed with an amazing mom and dad. Dont know where I would be without you two.”

We couldn’t agree more, Brielle!

Source: TMZ