Does Marlo Hampton Think NeNe Leakes Is Blocking Her From Becoming a Housewife?
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Does Marlo Hampton Think NeNe Leakes Is Blocking Her From Becoming a Housewife?

Marlo Hampton has become the epitome of "friend of the Housewives," but never a "Real Housewife" at this point. She was a regular guest during Season 4 of Real Housewives of Atlanta and, after a break from Season 5, has come back to make several appearances so far on Season 6. So, will Marlo ever be made a permanent Hotlanta Housewife? Some people think it's unlikely if NeNe Leakes has anything to say about it... but what does Marlo think?

One of Marlo's Twitter followers recently asked her if she thought that NeNe would block her from becoming a "full" Housewife on Season 7 of the show. Marlo chose to respond by turning the question around to her fans.

"Not sure .....what do you think?" Marlo wondered.

Her Twitter folk were quick to unload their opinions, some saying that NeNe didn't care enough about Marlo to bother, and others claiming that Bravo wouldn't get rid of Marlo even if that's what NeNe wanted.

In October of 2013, gossip flew that NeNe had actually gotten Marlo fired from RHoA around the time that the two had their Bailey Bowl Brawl, but Straight From the A squashed the rumor via their source.

"Marlo is definitely NOT fired from Housewives. Nene wants her gone, but all threats aside, she really doesn’t have the power to hire and fire anyone from the case. Marlo makes good television and she also plays a major part in Kenya’s storyline this season. So Nene’s out of luck so far," the article reported.

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