Does Meryl Davis Have a Boyfriend?
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Dancing With The Stars

Does Meryl Davis Have a Boyfriend?

Dancing With the Stars fans know Olympic ice dance partners — and Season 18 competitors — Meryl Davis and Charlie White aren’t dating, since that’s the first thing DWTS pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy checked when he started dancing with Meryl. But does Meryl have another man in her life — one not named Maks?

M&M have an amazing chemistry, and we can absolutely see them bringing out the best in each other. She makes him more sweet, he brings out her flirty-dirty. On Latin Night, Meryl even said she and Maks were connecting on a personal level. Glamour talked to the couple backstage after the April 28 show, and mentioned they were attached at the hip. “We're talking holding hands, bodies in sync, smiling at one another when the other is talking,” Glamour wrote. “If these guys aren't dating, then either they are the best actors on the planet or General Hospital needs to cast them as their next super couple.” (Not Grey’s Anatomy?)

In Glamour’s interview, M&M played coy on romance/showmance. They’re keeping the mystery alive. But as of just two months ago, Meryl said she did have a boyfriend.

Meryl had an interview with Tara Lipinski for NBC in early February, and Meryl said, "I do have a boyfriend. I like to keep it more private. He is very understanding. He understands the sport really well and he has a great respect for what it is I do, which I so appreciate."

Who is the boyfriend, if he still has that status?

Later in February, Jobs & Hire posted some photos of Meryl and U.S. figure skater Jeremy Abbott, saying their dating rumors were heating up after they were spotted flirting at the Sochi Winter Games and on social media.

In late January, Jeremy shared a cute flashback photo with Meryl at figure skating camp, and about a month later, Jeremy posted this cute photo with Meryl, writing, "Continuing the tradition! Prom picture with the most gorgeous Olympic champion!!!!!! @meryledavis." But Jeremy also posts cute pics with skater Ashley Wagner and other friends so, who knows. The skating community is very close — Charlie is dating fellow skater Tanith Belbin — but it’s hard to know where the line is between friendship and more than friendship unless the couples feel like making it more clear.

For now, we're just going to enjoy M&M's chemistry on the dance floor!

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