Does Oberyn Get Hit on a Lot in Real Life?
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Game of Thrones

Does Oberyn Get Hit on a Lot in Real Life?

On Game of Thrones, Pedro Pascal portrays Oberyn Martell, a character whose seductiveness no one seems able to resist, whether they’re a woman or a man. But how does Pedro fare in real life? Does he possess the same magnetism as the Red Viper?

On Monday, Pedro participated in an AMA (ask me anything) forum on Reddit and fielded questions regarding his character’s sexuality. “I think that that's key to Oberyn,” Pedro said of Oberyn’s bisexual nature. “The fact that anyone would be attracted to him, no matter what their sexual orientation is, is very in line [with his] character. So I think that’s great.”

Reddit’s AMA format allows fans to ask any question they desire to the interviewee, and one Redditor used the opportunity to ask Pedro if he has been hit on more in real life since he’s become known for his role on GoT. “I wish,” Pedro replied. “Maybe I just need to get out of the house more.”

We suspect that if Pedro hit the streets he would no doubt find an uptick in the attention he receives from both men and women, which wouldn’t be surprising given how he sums up the character he portrays: “The greatest badass you've ever seen.”

No argument here.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald