Does Pauly D Have a Girlfriend? He Reveals…
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Jersey Shore

Does Pauly D Have a Girlfriend? He Reveals…

Snooki and Jionni, JWOWW and Roger, Sammi and Ronnie, Deena and Chris, and Pauly D and... whom?

Pauly D was always one of the most notorious players in the Jersey Shore house, but we haven’t heard about any of his famous hook-ups in a while. Does this mean Pauly’s finally settled down? Not quite yet, but it sounds like he’s definitely ready to!

And when a fan asked him on Twitter if he was still single, Pauly D replied with a simple, “Yes.” Does he want one? “Yes,” Pauly repeated. Short and sweet, but he’s definitely being honest.

We hope Pauly finds the girl of his dreams. No pressure, though — it takes time to find the right person. You can’t rush love! However, if he lives by the lyrics to his song “Back to Love,” maybe he’ll reunite with a former flame. Yeah, buddy!

The Situation recently reunited with his college sweetheart, and who knows what’s up with Vinny Guadagnino and his most recent lady love, Girl Code’s Melanie Iglesias. Maybe Pauly will actually be the next guido to settle down...

Who do you think would make a great match for Pauly? List your matchmaking ideas in the comments!