Jenelle Evans: Does She Plan to Breastfeed With Her Implants?
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans: Does She Plan to Breastfeed With Her Implants?

2014 is officially upon us, and Jenelle Evans is starting off the New Year in the best way ever: pregnant. This Teen Mom 2 star is expecting her second child, which means she'll spend most of this year indulging in her cravings, massaging her cankles, and cuddling up with her new baby daddy, MMA Fighter Nathan Griffith!

Sounds fabulous, but what's going to happen once the baby pops out? Jenelle's going to be the best mom ever, that's what! Despite the fact that this gal still doesn't have custody of her first child, she's completely committed to being a great parent this time 'round — starting with her baby's nutrition.

It's a well established fact that "breast is best," and you better believe Jenelle plans on breastfeeding her kid, even though she has breast implants. After musing that her "boobs r like....Whoaaaaa," Jenelle took it to Twitter to confirm her plans, explaining "yes I am going to breast feed! I can with implants! That blows my mind lol only if they r under the muscle."

Good to know that Jenelle's lady lumps have retained some of their former value post-surgery, and high-five to her for choosing to breastfeed! Not only will breastfeeding provide tons of nutrients for her baby, it will increase her little one's immune system and make him or her less likely to be obese later in life.

Of course, it would be completely understandable if Jenelle decided to formula feed (some women have trouble with milk production or simply don't have time to breastfeed), but for now, it looks like Jenelle's willing and ready to take on the challenge!