Does Stassi Regret Slapping Kristen? (VIDEO)
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Vanderpump Rules

Does Stassi Regret Slapping Kristen? (VIDEO)

Things got extremely heated on Vanderpump Rules last night when Stassi Schroeder smacked Kristen Doute during their argument about whether Kristen had slept with Jax Taylor. So how does Stassi feel now about having hit Kristen?

Stassi appears on Watch What Happens Live this week, and Andy Cohen asks Stassi if viewers would have been more sympathetic to Stassi's side in the dispute if Stassi hadn't slapped Kristen.

"Absolutely, yes," Stassi admits. "I'm embarrassed, and I was so emotional, and I had all of this built-up rage that they had organized these texts and all these things to make me feel like I was a bad friend. Then to have it all be true..."

But Stassi says that she wouldn't slap Kristen if she had it to do over again. "I don't condone violence, and I have nothing to say for myself," she adds.

However, that doesn't mean that Stassi and Kristen are back to being besties. When a viewer asks if Stassi will ever forgive Kristen for getting with Jax, Stassi says, "No, absolutely not." There you have it.

And another viewer wonders whether Stassi has hooked up with Jax since the slap. "I haven't been with Jax in a very long time," Stassi reveals.

Do you think Stassi should patch things up with Kristen? And how do you feel about Stassi slapping Kristen?

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