Does Vinny Really Leave the Jersey Shore in Season 5?
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Does Vinny Really Leave the Jersey Shore in Season 5?

Don’t cry for Vinny, America. Even though the typically cheery guido was a party pooper on the Season 5 premiere of Jersey Shore, his sadness isn’t long for this reality television world.

We know that Vinny will officially leave the Shore house on Season 5, Episode 2: “One Man Down.” We’ve already posted photos of the exit itself (which happened over the summer), featuring a downtrodden Vinny casting his eyes down as he lugs a suitcase down the famous wooden steps.

So, why did Vinny leave? The gudio has said in previous interviews that he wasn’t “mentally healthy” going into Season 4. “Partying isn’t every aspect to my personality,” Vinny said to The New York Daily News. “Some people can do it for a year straight. Me, to be mentally healthy, there are a couple things I need.”

We do know that Vinny leaves the house in the middle of the night but, instead of heading straight home, he checks into a local Seaside Heights motel. (Oddly enough, the cameras still followed Vinny after he left the house. Check out a photo of the crew filming Vinny checking into a hotel.) However, most reports think that Vinny eventually made it back to his family home in Staten Island.

But Vinny-aholics need not worry! We can report that Vinny does not disappear for the rest of Season 5. After some minor drama when landlord and Shore Store owner Danny threatens the rest of the cast with news of a mysterious eighth roommate, any chance of a new replacement for Pauly D’s affections is quickly annulled. Vinny will make his triumphant return to the house a few days after storming out. Come on, you didn’t think he would leave for good, did you?

Check out Vinny’s traumatic departure next week when Jersey Shore returns on Thursday, January 12 at 10pm ET/PT on MTV.

Source: RadarOnline, TMZ

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