House of Lies’ Don Cheadle Says He Smoked Pot With Unaware Kristen Bell! (VIDEO)

Someone hotboxed the House of Lies! Appearing on the April 3 episode of Chelsea Lately, Don Cheadle told host Chelsea Handler about the time he got high with Lies co-star Kristen Bell.

Trouble is, the 33-year-old actress didn't quite register that prop for the scene contained actual herb!

We'll let Don explain: "In the scene, we were walking down the street in L.A., and we were supposed to be getting someone high so that we could mess with his head and try to steal some business from him. So we had these fake cigarettes … and someone had a real situation," he said, without disclosing who this certain someone was.

The 49-year-old continued: "And they said, 'What if this was introduced into the scene at some point?' So everyone was asked if that would be fine with them. And Kristen was asked, and she said, 'Yeah, sure.' And she was told, 'No, this is actually real.' And she was like, 'Yeah. OK. Fine. Sure.'"

"So we did the scene, and later we came back up the sidewalk, and Kristen Bell was like this."

Check out the video above for Don's hilarious imitation of Kristen's reaction!

We bet Kristen wished she had the Veronica Mars's powers of perception at that point!

Source: Chelsea Lately

04.4.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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