Donald Glover’s 7-Page Letter on Why He Left Community (PHOTOS)

Community is currently filming new episodes for its fifth season, but fans of Donald Glover were shocked and saddened to learn his character Troy will only be in five of them. Citing a vague desire to focus on his music, Donald announced in July that he had decided to leave the show mid-season. However, in a series of notes written on stationery and then posted on Instagram, the artist also known as “Childish Gambino” is trying to further explain his sudden departure from the NBC cult comedy.

To sum up, it seems like Donald wanted to strike out on his own and create something that’s just his, which we totally get. But before he gets to the explanation for his departure, he goes on for several pages talking about being afraid of, well, everything. The note has a very sad and troubling tone to it, particularly this part: “I’ve been sick this year. I’ve seen a bunch of people die this year. This is the first time I’ve felt helpless.”

It seems to us at the very least that Donald’s been contemplating his mortality and dealing with some pretty heavy stuff. We guess that’s enough to make a person examine how much time they have on the earth and what they want to do with it. But we also worry this note could be a sign he’s been battling some hardcore depression.

Click through the gallery below to get a look at the full note. What do you think — is Donald just being reflective, or does the tone of this letter worry you?

10.15.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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