Donald Trump Inauguration Promises “Soft Sensuality” and... Caitlyn Jenner?!
President-Elect Donald Trump Holds Thank You Rally In Mobile, Alabama
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Donald Trump Inauguration Promises “Soft Sensuality” and… Caitlyn Jenner?!


Get ready to learn something you can’t unknow.

Donald Trump’s looming inauguration promises “soft sensuality,” and somehow, Caitlyn Jenner is involved.

In the weeks leading up to the Friday, January 20, event, countless celebrities have turned down an invitation to the inauguration.

That’s why Team Trump has come up with a truly baffling way to spin the affair’s dimming level of star power.

“We’re fortunate in that we have the greatest celebrity in the world, which is the president-elect; side by side is the current president,” inauguration planner Tom Barrack tells Vanity Fair.

We hope President Barack Obama doesn’t know what will apparently be going down around him next week.

“So what we’ve done instead of trying to surround him with what people consider A-listers is we are going to surround him with the soft sensuality of the place,” Tom continued, using the head-scratching phrase.

But don’t worry, there will be no bizarre grabbing during the proceedings. The inauguration team has a different plan in mind.

“It’s a much more poetic cadence than having a circus-like celebration that’s a coronation,” Tom adds. “That’s the way this president-elect wanted it.”

While everyone from Elton John and Céline Dion to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ex-husband David Foster have refused offers to perform at the non-coronation, Caitlyn Jenner will reportedly attend — and she’s in hot pursuit of a hot date.

Caitlyn is looking for “someone to accompany her” to the inauguration, an insider tells LGBTQ Nation.

There’s one huge reason many are shocked the transgender advocate is considering attending the event.

Vice President-to-be Mike Pence has long supported anti-LGBT policies, including possibly recommending tax payer money go to funding gay conversation therapy, a discredited method of changing someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Since very few celebs want to deal with all of this controversy, maybe Caitlyn’s inauguration date will have to be Kanye West by default.