Is Donald Trump\'s New Grandchild a Boy or a Girl?
Is Donald Trump’s New Grandchild a Boy or a Girl?
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Is Donald Trump’s New Grandchild a Boy or a Girl?


Donald Trump already has five children and six grandchildren, a brood that’s about to get bigger by one! Grandbaby No. 7 is on the way, courtesy of Trump’s son Donald, Jr. and his wife, Vanessa. We just hope there’s enough room at the gold-encrusted holiday table for one more booster seat!

But will it be a boy or a girl for the happy couple? Vanessa recently took to Twitter to update her fans about her pregnancy: “I just started my third trimester. It’s the count down for baby #5. Can’t wait to meet my baby girl or boy.”

Looks like the shocking reveal of the sex will have to wait just a little bit longer for us. Or perhaps the parents opted to keep it a secret for themselves, too!

It’s not like we’re waiting to see whether the baby will be the heir to the Trump throne (already plenty of people in line for that honor!), but we are interested in what Don, Jr. and Vanessa will choose to name their newest addition. Their roster already includes 6-year-old daughter Kai and her three brothers, 5-year-old Donald III, 2-year-old Tristan, and 17-month-old Spencer.

With that many kids, we wouldn’t be surprised if this competitive and dollar-savvy family starts looking into sporting team options.

Source: Vanessa Trump on Twitter