Courtney Stodden’s Single, So Who Should She Date Next? (POLL)
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Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden’s Single, So Who Should She Date Next? (POLL)

has split from her 53-year-old actor husband, Doug Hutchinson, she has all kinds of time to be a 19-year-old. But who's going to be by her side next?

Fortunately, now that she's 100% legal, she doesn't even have to marry anyone to go out with a grown adult — although they're going to have to wait a couple of years to take her out for a drink.

Here are our ideas. Vote below, or submit your own candidates!

Spencer Pratt: The Hills star's loopy antics and healing crystals seem like a perfect match for Courtney Stodden's spaced-out demeanor. Plus, compare photos of Courtney in a bikini (read: 80% of pictures of Courtney) to photos of Heidi Montag in a bikini, and we can deduce that Courtney is at least close to Spencer's type.

He is married though, which might hurt his chances.

Tila Tequila: We know very little about Courtney Stodden's sexuality, but we do know that Tila swings Courtney's way. They would be perfect reality TV co-stars… or just great subjects for a Terry Richardson shoot. We could see lil Courtney going for it.

Justin Bieber: They're just both young, single people looking to party and have a good time, yet they're both oddly fascinated with marriage. Both have semi-questionable fashion sense, so they could help each other pick out clothes. They're also the same freaking age, which might be refreshing for everyone's favorite soon-to-be-former child bride.

Mull that over for a second. Doug Hutchison was married to someone the same age as Justin Bieber. Actually, about 5 months younger.

Bonus: We bet Courtney would think the pee-bucket incident is hilarious.

Vinny Guadagnino: Vinny may want "a 10 who thinks she's a 7," but maybe a non-scaleable lady who's all about being an 11 could be good for him.

Ryan Lochte: Neither of them is working toward a Ph. D or anything (Courtney said "I don't read or write" on Bethenny last week), but they're both relatively amicable, super-fit professional celebrities. They could have a good time.

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Credit: Courtney Stodden on Twitter    

She's so ridiculous.

I love her!

What do you think of Courtney Stodden's newfound singlehood? Weigh in below!

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