Hilarious Downton Abbey Pick-Up Lines to Help You Upstairs and Down
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Downton Abbey

Hilarious Downton Abbey Pick-Up Lines to Help You Upstairs and Down

If we have one complaint about Downton Abbey, it’s that words sometimes get in the way. The stiff formality of the Crawley family has more than once stalled our favorite romances. We mean, just think how much more quickly we would have gotten to The Proposal in the Snow if Matthew (Dan Stevens) had just laid it all on the line for Mary (Michelle Dockery)?

Thankfully, the people over at Some eCards put their heads together to give Julian Fellowes a few one-liners to use in Season 5. The result is a collection of Downton Abbey eCards we don’t suggest you send to Grandma.

“Might I be so bold as to say that I think your ‘downstairs’ is quite ‘upstairs,” Robert Crawley whispers to his ever-patient wife Cora. (Remember, they do share a bedroom.) In another card, Sir Anthony Strallan coos to Edith the Jilted, “Are you the Great War? Because you must leave men my age devastated.”

There’s even a Twitter hashtag associated with the brilliant concept of Downton Abbey pick-up lines. Watch out, though. A trip to #DowntonPickupLines is the equivalent time-suck of marathoning Seasons 1 through 3 over a lost weekend.

Now that you’ve reviewed the competition, do you have a Downton Abbey pick-up of your own? We’d love to hear it (and maybe, you know, use it sometime). Give us your best shot at finding a dance partner for life!

Source: Some eCards

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